The Mermaid Lodge & Motel

It is with a heavy, yet happy heart that the Gillies Family must announce the recent sale of their wonderful lodge & motel. We will no longer be accepting reservations as of February 19th, 2018.

We have had the privilege to live, work and grow our family here for the past 37 years, but it is time to retire . Many aspects of our life here involved meeting so many wonderful people from around the world, many of whom became steadfast friends over the years and they will be sadly missed. We are staying in the Ainsworth area and hope they will pay us a visit if they return to this area. Our 3 sons grew up here assisting with chores like cleaning toilets, greeting guests, maintenance duties, etc. and we are proud to say they all turned out to be wonderful human beings as a result of it.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our past guests who have made our life experiences here so memorable over the years. You warmed our hearts and made us smile!

With Sincere Appreciation From... The Gillies Family & Staff

Important Notice!

The Ainsworth Hot Springs Caves are under renovation until June 12th. In the meantime, the Cave's hot springs waters are being diverted in to the Large Outside Pool so you can still enjoy the Natural Hot Springs Waters in the outside pool with the admission reduced to half price.

The Ainsworth Hot Springs Pools and Cave will be closed completely from June 2nd thru to June 12th for annual maintenance, The Mermaid Lodge & Motel will continue to remain open to welcome visitors during these hot springs renovations, offering reduced rates for accommodation. Call us directly @ 888-229-4963 or email us @ themermaid@uniserve.com for specially discounted rates.

The Mermaid's Onsite Hottub/Jacuzzi will be operational during this period for our guests soaking pleasure, while enjoying the magnificent views of the Kootenay Lake and Purcell Mountain Range as well as other attractions in the area.